Smith I/O Mag vs 4D Mag vs Squad Mag: Best Snow Goggles?

Smith are highly regarded as one of the best snow goggle manufacturers. They make three premium models: I/O Mag, 4D Mag and Squad Mag. In this article I’ll be directly comparing them so you can figure out which is the most suitable for you.

Smith I/O Mag vs 4D Mag vs Squad Mag

Smith Squad Mag goggles have cylindrical lenses whereas I/O Mag 4D Mag goggles have spherical lenses which provide a wider and less distorted field of view. I/O Mag goggles are available in more sizes and colors. 4D Mag goggles are the most expensive but also come with a hardcase.

Squad MagI/O Mag4D Mag
Cylindrical lens Spherical lens Spherical lens
Medium sizeSmall, medium or large sizeSmall or medium size
Goggle bag Goggle bagGoggle bag and case 


  • Smith Mag lens change system
  • Comes with two ChromaPop lenses
  • QuickFit silicone-backed strap
  • Triple-layer moisture wicking face foam
  • Ventilation system to prevent fogging
  • Made in the USA

Here are links to each goggle on Amazon so you can check the current prices:

Squad Mag

I/O Mag

4D Mag

Lens Shape

One of the main differences between these three goggles is the lens shape:

  • Squad Mag goggles have cylindrical lenses
  • 4D Mag and I/O Mag goggles have spherical lenses

Cylindrical lenses only curve around the face (on the horizontal axis), whereas spherical lenses curve horizontally and vertically to form a bubble shape which mimics the shape of the eye more closely.

The spherical lenses on the 4D/ I/O Mag goggles help to improve optical clarity in the periphery so have less distortion around the edges compared to the cylindrical lenses on the Squad Mag goggles.

The 4D Mag goggles also have a 25% wider field of view (particularly downwards). This is the main reason why 4D Mag goggles are more expensive.

Check out this article comparing snow goggle lens shapes to learn more about the pros and cons.


Here are the different sizes available for each goggle:

  • Squad Mag: medium
  • I/O Mag: small, medium and extra large
  • 4D Mag: small and medium

All sizes of each type of goggle also has a “low bridge fit” version which means there is more foam in the upper bridge area to help seal the goggles to get the best fit.

If you have a larger face then the I/O Mag goggles are your best option as they are the only ones which come in the large size. If you have a medium-sized face then all three goggles will be suitable and if you have a smaller face then the I/O Mag and 4D Mag goggles will be the most suitable.

Check out my comparison between 4D Mag and 4D Mag S goggles for more info.

Magnetic Lens Interchange Technology

All three of these Smith goggles come with Mag lens technology which means the lenses and goggles have magnetics to allow the lenses to be quickly switched out without having to take your gloves off. All the goggles also have a small clip on either side to lock the lenses into place.

On the Squad Mag and 4D Mag goggles the clip to lock the lenses in are at the bottom of the goggles which in my opinion is a better position compared to on the I/O Mag goggles where the clips are closer to the temple.

The lower position on the Squad/ 4D Mag goggles makes it slightly easier to change the lenses when the goggles are still on the face. However, this is a very minor difference between them.

What Comes Included

  • Squad Mag: two ChromaPop lenses, lens protector, goggle bag
  • I/O Mag: two ChromaPop lenses, lens protector, goggle bag
  • 4D Mag: two ChromaPop lenses, lens protector, goggle bag and hardcase

With all three goggles you get the installed ChromaPop lens and a spare lens (ChromaPop Storm Rose) for low lighting conditions. You also get a lens protector and a microfiber goggle bag with a sleeve for the replacement lens.

The only difference is that with the 4D Mag goggles you also get a goggle hardcase, unlike with the cheaper I/O Mag and Squad Mag goggles.


The Squad Mag goggles are the cheapest, followed by the I/O Mag goggles and finally the 4D Mag goggles are the most expensive.

  • Squad Mag: $240
  • I/O Mag: $270
  • 4D Mag: $320

Color Options

Here’s a table comparing the different color options for the three types of Smith snow goggles.

Check out this complete guide to the Smith ChromaPop lenses and which color combinations are best to choose.

The list is in ascending order from the lowest VLT lens.

Frame/ Strap + Lens ColorSquad MagI/O Mag4D Mag
Black + Photochromic Rose Flash Lens (0% VLT)NoYesYes
White Vapor + Sun Platinum Lens (9% VLT)YesYesYes
Chalk Rose Everglade + Sun Platinum Lens (9% VLT)YesYesNo
Grey + Sun Platinum Lens (9% VLT)NoYesNo
Black + Sun Green Lens (9% VLT)YesYesYes
Black + Sun Black Lens (12% VLT)YesYesYes
Black Pattern + Sun Black Lens (12% VLT)YesNoNo
Slate + Sun Black Lens (12% VLT)YesNoYes
Olive + Sun Black Lens (12% VLT)NoYesNo
Navy + Sun Black Lens (12% VLT)NoYesNo
Red Black + Sun Black Lens (12% VLT)NoNoYes
Sepla Luxe + Sun Black Gold Lens (13% VLT)YesNoNo
Black + Sun Black Gold Lens (13% VLT)YesNoNo
Shady Blue + Black Gold Lens (13% VLT)YesNoNo
Black + Sun Red Lens (16% VLT)NoYesYes
Lava Red + Sun Red Lens (16% VLT)NoNoYes
White Vapor + Rose Gold Lens (22% VLT)YesYesYes
Alpine green + Rose Gold Lens (22% VLT)YesNoYes
Black + Rose Gold Lens (22% VLT)YesYesNo
Chalk Rose + Rose Gold Lens (22% VLT)NoYesNo
Brass Colorblock + Violet Lens (23% VLT)YesNoNo
Lapis Risoprint + Green Lens (23%)YesNoNo
White Vapor + Green Lens (23% VLT)YesNoYes
Black + Green Lens (23% VLT)YesYesYes
Amethyst + Green Lens (23% VLT)NoNoYes
Lapis (blue) + Green Lens (23% VLT)NoNoYes
Artist Series + Violet Lens (23% VLT)YesYesNo
Algae Olive + Violet Lens (23% VLT)NoYesNo
Navy + Violet Lens (23% VLT)NoYesNo
Slate + Red Lens (25% VLT)YesNoYes
Carnelian (orange) + Red Lens (25% VLT)NoYesNo
Storm + Red Mirror (25% VLT)NoYesNo
White Vapor + Red Mirror (25% VLT)NoYesNo
Black + Red Mirror (25% VLT)NoYesYes
Artist Series + Red Mirror (25% VLT)NoNoYes

*Some sizes and low-bridge fit versions do not have every colourway available.

Here are links to each goggle on Amazon so you can check the current prices:

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