Anon M4 vs M5 Snow Goggles: In-Depth Comparison

Anon are one of the leading snow goggle manufacturers, and their M4 model has proved highly popular. Very recently, they have released a brand-new version, the M5. So, in this article I’ll be comparing the M4 and M5 head-to-head and highlighting the differences (and similarities) so you can figure out which to buy.

The main difference between the Anon M4 and M5 goggles is the lens shape. The M5 has a new “flat toric” lens which provides a larger field of view compared to the M4’s standard toric lens. The M5 also has a slightly wider strap in comparison to the M4.

Anon M4Anon M5
Lens ShapeStandard Toric or CylindricalFlat-Toric
Frame DesignFramedSemi-Framed
Low-Bridge Fit AvailableYesNo 
Anon M4 vs M5 snow goggles

Aside from these differences, these goggles have the same key features. They both come with 2 lenses, are available in 2 sizes (regular and “S”), use Perceive lens and Magna-Tec technology and have anti-fog lens coatings.

Here are links to Amazon so you can check the current prices:

Make sure you also check out my comparison between the Anon M2, M3 and M4 Snow Goggles.

Anon M4 (image links to Amazon)

Anon M5 (image links to Amazon)

Lens Shape

Both the Anon M4 and M5 Goggles have a toric lens versions available, however the shapes are different.

The M4 has a classic toric lens shape, whereas the M5 has what’s described as a “flat toric” lens shape. The flatter toric lens on the M5 has a wider viewing angle compared to the toric lens on the M4.

Toric lenses are a hybrid between cylindrical and spherical lenses. This means they have some vertical curvature, but not as much compared to a spherical lens, so they offer the best of both worlds in terms of peripheral view width and optical clarity.

Only the M4 also has a cylindrical lens version available. Cylindrical lenses do not have any vertical curvature. This means they have a wider peripheral view, however they produce more distortion in the periphery and suffer more from glare.

Check out this comparison between cylindrical, spherical and toric lens shapes to learn more.

Frame and Strap

There are two differences here:

  • Anon M4 goggles have a slightly narrower strap compared to the Anon M5 goggles
  • Anon M4 goggles have a low-profile frame around the entire lens whereas M5 goggles have a semi-frameless design (roughly 50%)

Anon M4 (image links to Amazon)

Anon M5 (image links to Amazon)

Fit and Feel

The standard Anon M4 and M5 goggles have a “large fit” which suits the vast majority of male faces and larger female faces. It’s not a very large fit in my opinion, and I would classify it as medium-large when compared to other popular manufacturers.

For smaller faces, you can also try the M4S or M5S, which have a small-medium fit which is generally better for most females or males with smaller faces. Check out this comparison between the M4 and M4S to learn more.

Both the M4 and M5 have a “rimless” design, but it is lower profile on the M5 so there is even less frame than the previous version. The M5 also has a slightly wider strap compared to the M4. Otherwise, the fit and feel is pretty similar between these two goggles.

The Anon M4 is also available in a “low-bridge fit” version. Unfortunately at the time of writing the Anon M5 goggle is not available in the “low-bridge fit”.

Lens and Frame Colorways

There are different frame/ strap and lens colors available for both the M4 and M5. Both these goggles include a bonus lens so you can choose a pairing which will give you some versatility for different lighting conditions.

If you are unsure which lens color to choose, make sure you check out this Anon Percieve Lens Guide for everything you need to know.

Here is a table showing all the colorways and lens combos available for the M4 (toric lens version only) and M5 at the time of writing.

ColorwayAvailable on M4Available on M5
Black Strap + Perceive Sunny Red Lens (14%) + Perceive Cloudy Burst Lens (59%)YesYes
Black Strap + Perceive Variable Blue (21%) + Perceive Cloudy Pink Lens (53%)YesYes
Smoke Strap + Perceive Sunny Onyx Lens (6%) + Perceive Variable Violet Lens (34%)YesYes
Mars (Red) Strap + Perceive Sunny Red Lens (14%) + Perceive Cloudy Burst Lens (59%)YesYes
Coral Strap + Perceive Sunny Bronze Lens (17%) + Cloudy Burst Lens (59%)YesYes
Chet Malinow Strap + Perceive Variable Blue Lens (21%)YesYes
Black Strap + Polar Smoke (8%) + Perceive Variable Violet Lens (34%)YesNo
Hedge (Green) Strap + Perceive Variable Green Lens (22%) + Perceive Cloudy Pink Lens (53%)YesNo
Waves (Red/ Blue) Strap + Perceive Sunny Red Lens (14%) + Perceive Cloudy Burst Lens (59%)NoYes
Anon M4 and M5 goggle colorways


Both the M4 and M5 share the following features:

  • Magnetic facemask integration
  • Magna-Tech lens technology (magnetic lenses)
  • Perceive lenses
  • Bonus lens included
  • No-slip silicone strap
  • Anti-fog lens coating

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