Should You Rent or Buy Ski Equipment?

Whether you are planning your first ski trip or are just looking to have a great day out at a dry or indoor ski slope, you might be wondering if it is better to rent or buy ski equipment.

You might have to think about things like how much you are likely to use the equipment, if this is your first time skiing, if you are buying or renting skis and boots for children who might be still growing, and the cost differences.

Any research will tell you that not all ski equipment is cheap, and costs can quickly stack up with equipment for the whole family! If you are wondering if renting or buying would be best for you, keep reading for the ultimate guide and comparison between renting and buying ski equipment!

What you Need to Buy

There is some ski equipment that you are unlikely to be able to rent in many resorts. This is mainly items of clothing that you will need to bring yourself and that many people come to the slopes already dressed in. These might include:

  • Salopettes or ski pants
  • Thermal layers and jumpers
  • Ski socks
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Helmet liner
  • Ski jacket (available to rent at a small number of resorts)
  • Neck gaiter

What Ski Equipment can you Rent at a Ski Resort?

What equipment you can rent when you get to a ski resort may depend on the specific rentals that will be available to you. Therefore, it is important to contact or research rentals before you go on your trip to make sure you can get everything you need at the best price!

In general, certain ski equipment is available to rent for as little as one day or for as many days as you plan to ski within reason, although prices will vary between resorts and rental shops.

The types of equipment you are likely to be able to rent are:

  • Skis
  • Poles
  • Ski boots
  • Helmet

At a more limited number of ski rentals, you may also be able to rent:

  • Goggles
  • Ski Jacket

Price Differences

The main factor lots of people consider when thinking about whether to boy or rent ski equipment is the price. Prices of renting and buying will vary considerably depending on the brand, store or rental you go to, so make sure to fully research the type of skis and boots you need and how much they are likely to cost to buy and rent.

On average it costs $40 per day to rent skis. New skis typically cost between $400-$1000.

You also need to take into account if you are flying to the location of your ski holiday instead of driving. Flying with ski equipment will mean paying for the extra luggage like ski and boot bags to transport all of your things.

This will largely depend on how much luggage you are adding to what you would normally take and the distance you are travelling, along with the airline.

Quality Differences

Lots of people also wonder if rented equipment is lower quality than skis and boots you can buy. For lots of rentals, you are still able to get high quality and even new skis and boots.

However, this could be dependent on the rental and how old the ski equipment they have in stock is.

Rentals are likely to re-use skis and boots, meaning that ski edges could be dulled or damaged slightly, but many high quality rentals make sure to keep their skis, boots and helmets in good condition, just make sure when you get them that they are all in working order and good quality and standard.

There are also typically different levels of equipment you can rent: sport, performance and demo. Check out this comparison between sport, performance and demo skis for more information.

How much will you use it?

This has got to be the most important question to ask yourself if you’re thinking of buying your own ski equipment. For example, if you are completely new to skiing and are not sure if you’ll enjoy it, it might be best to rent equipment for your first trip at least. This will save you money if you decide that skiing isn’t for you in future!

However, if you know you love skiing and plan to go every year, it could be more cost effective to buy your own equipment. You can get years of use out of it and make sure you get the perfect skis, boots, and helmet for you.

Lots of parents with children also face the question of whether to buy or rent ski equipment for their kids. An important thing to remember is that, even if you plan to go every single year, your kids are probably going to keep growing!

With changes in height and foot size, you will likely have to replace and buy new gear lots of times. Therefore, while your kids are undergoing their most significant growth changes, it may be more cost effective to rent ski equipment until they slow down!

To Conclude

Knowing whether to buy or rent ski equipment can be tricky, and their can be lots of different factors to think about. The main questions you need to ask yourself are how often you are likely to use the equipment, and for kids how long they will be able to use it without outgrowing it!

Also consider where you are going skiing and the types of skis and boots you want.

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