What to Wear at a Ski Resort when not Skiing

If this is your first ski trip in particular, you might be wondering what exactly you need to take with you for all the different parts of your day.

While you might know exactly what equipment you need for the parts of your day when you are actually skiing or snowboarding, you might also want to spend time relaxing in the resort too! This can be a great way of admiring your surroundings and resting ready for another great ski!

However, it can be difficult to know exactly what to wear in a ski resort when not skiing. Check out our list of things you might want to pack for your first trip for when you are relaxing and not skiing in a ski resort!

The best items of clothing to wear at a ski resort when you’re not skiing are thermal base layers, ski jackets, waterproof trousers, walking boots, and thermal socks, gloves, hats and a scarf. Sunglasses are also recommended.

Straight off the Slopes

Sometimes, you might want to enjoy the rest of the ski resort having come straight off the slopes! Lots of cafes and restaurants located on or near ski slopes allow you to walk straight in still dressed in your ski gear (minus the skis of usually!).

Although some will not allow ski boots, some cafes are welcoming of people coming in for lunch still in their boots. This means that you can either leave them on and fastened as normal, or even loosen them slightly to make it easier to walk around. Just make sure to remember to fasten them back up before going back onto the slope!

However, it is important you check what sort of establishments are nearby and that you are likely to visit on your trip. It is always good to know in advance is cafes and restaurants allow you to wear ski boots for example so you know what to expect.


One of the most important pieces of clothing to consider when you are not skiing is your footwear. You will likely be walking on a lot of snow which can get extremely slippery. This means that shoes with good grip is essential!

Walking boots or other shoes with excellent grip on their soles are good options to consider when you’re not wearing your ski boots! While some cafes near the slopes may allow you to wear your ski boots into the establishment, especially if they are specifically designed for welcoming in skiers straight from the slopes!

However, at the bottom of the slopes and elsewhere in the resort, other establishments may not permit this. Therefore, it is always good to pack another reliable pair of shoes or boots with you on your first ski trip if you are not sure which places might allow ski boots!

Lots of people also underestimate how cold conditions in ski resorts can be, even on your feet! Therefore, having shoes or boots that are especially warm are always a good idea. Shoes where you can fit thick socks or even ski socks underneath might also be beneficial to make sure your feet stay warm while walking on the snow!

Keeping Warm

Keeping warm even while relaxing and not skiing within a ski resort is still something really important to think about. Depending on the location of your resort, the time of year or the temperature that day, you may need different layers to keep you warm and keep you enjoying the resort!

Thermal layers may be a good idea in cold conditions in the snow. Lots of people enjoy sitting outdoors at cafes and restaurants in ski resorts, so you might want to dress warm enough to comfortably sit outside if this appeals to you. There are plenty of thermal under layers which can fit under your clothes and add an extra layer of protection for you against the cold!

Similarly, there may be places indoors which you are more comfortable sitting in. However, every resort is different and some establishments can get busier than others, so make sure you pack clothes for relaxing in different conditions!


To make sure you keep warm while relaxing in the ski resort, a good coat is essential! This is often your outer protective layer against the cold so it is important that this is good quality.

Even when not skiing, lots of people choose to wear their ski jacket to relax in around the resort. This is because these are generally some of the warmest coats, meaning they may be the best to keep you warm in the snowy and cold conditions in a ski resort. Just because you aren’t actually on the slopes, doesn’t mean the wind and low temperatures won’t affect you!

Check out this in-depth comparison between ski jackets and winter jackets to figure out which you really need.

Extras and Accessories


While you will normally be wearing ski goggles while out on the slopes, you still might need to protect your eyes from the sun when not skiing.

You might be surprised how bright the sun can be on a particularly sunny day on the slopes, despite the cold temperatures and even snow! This is because snow is able to reflect sunlight, meaning that the slopes and ski resorts with lots of snow can be very bright!

If you’re not using your goggles, it is a good idea to have a good pair of sunglasses handy to make sure you are still comfortable when relaxing outdoors in a ski resort!


This one might be a given, but lots of people forget that even in cafes and restaurants in ski resorts, temperatures can be very low! Therefore, a good warm hat is always an essential item to make sure you have with you for your ski trip as well as your essential helmet.


As temperatures around ski resorts can drop extremely low, a very good pair of gloves will help to protect your hands against the potentially freezing conditions!

There are so many brands and types of gloves to choose from- from mittens to heated gloves, but it is important you get a good quality pair to keep your hands warm!


When you’re not skiing, it might be handy to pack a warm scarf for the times on your ski holiday when you are relaxing in the colder conditions! This will add another layer to help keep you warm so is definitely a good thing to pack for your first ski trip!

To Conclude

To conclude, preparing layers for cold conditions even when not skiing, as well as having the right accessories to protect you from the low temperatures and bright sun are great ideas to consider for your first ski trip! Items like extra hats, gloves, sunglasses, footwear and coats can really make the difference in keeping you warm, and make sure you make the most of your trip, even when not skiing!